Kalonji Seeds Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Kalonji Seeds Hair Oil – The Perfect Solution Hair Growth

Kalonji Seeds


What is Kalonji Seed?

Kalonji seeds are extracted from the Nigella sativa plant. Kalonji seeds are also referred to as black cumin. Kalonji seeds have many health benefits, including

Kalonji seeds or nigella seeds are full of important hair-growing nutrients.

Quite an underrated ingredient but Kalonji seeds or Nigella seeds are a perfect solution for your hair problems. As called Nigella seeds, it has a great role in many hair conditioners and hair masks available in the market.

Want to know why it is so fruitful? The Kalonji seeds have anti-inflammatory compounds and other important nutrients that are highly required for your hair. If you decided to stop reading from here, a quick tip – one of the best ways to use these seeds in hair care routines is incorporating them in the oils.

Kalonji seeds are full of anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce scalp irritation. If you know, scalp inflammation causes dandruff and hair fall. Kalonji is the prodigious answer, loaded with nutrients for your hair.

It also helps in growing healthy and strong hair. Kalonji seeds improve the health of hair follicles which in return prevent hair falls. Nigella seed oil has linoleic acid that prevents hair from greying. It also has omega 3, which increases blood circulation and hair growth.


Benefits of Kalonji Seeds Oil for Hair  

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1. Prevents premature greying

Another good thing about using kalonji oil for hair is that its regular use helps to not just prevent premature greying, but also reverses greying of hair in several other people’s cases. This is possible thanks to the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acid, which helps prevent the reduction of the black pigment cells in your follicles. This property of kalonji oil is what helps keep your hair black and glossy for an extended period of your time.

2. Sativa Promotes hair growth

One of the most benefits of using black seed oil or kalonji oil is that it’s a wonderful thanks to promote hair growth naturally. this is often because it’s an expensive source of nigellone and thymoquinone, both potent antihistamines, which are commonly prescribed for people with androgenic alopecia or alopecia. Since kalonji oil may be a natural source of antihistamines, it doesn’t have any side effects and is totally safe to use.

3. Black seeds help to moisturize dry hair

Do you have dry and frizzy hair? Well, Nigella oil regularises the sebum production in the scalp. What this implies is, if your scalp produces less sebum than it should, using kalonji oil on your scalp will help normalize this production. This can make sure you have properly conditioned and healthy hair, without making it look greasy. As you know, nigella seed oil has fatty amino acids that seal moisture in the hair, reduce frizz, and make hair more conditioned.

4. Nigella improves scalp health

The next benefit of this seed is that it helps improve scalp health. This is often because black seed oil could be a rich source of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and analgesic (pain-killing) properties, all of which are really important to stay your scalp clean and problem-free. Therefore, massaging your scalp with kalonji oil is wonderful thanks to reducing dandruff, itchiness and stimulating hair follicles to market growth.

5. Reverses hair damage

Sounds like magic, right? Our hair undergoes plenty of stress every day. Free radicals formed because of external factors like dirt, pollution, sun damage, and other impurities find yourself wreaking havoc on our strands, leaving them dull, lifeless, and damaged.

To undo and repair this damage, you don’t just take pleasure inexpensive hair care treatments, all you wish to try and do is often massage your hair and scalp with kalonji oil.

This can be because black seed oil is a superb source of antioxidants, which help neutralize the consequences of free radicals within the environment and protect your hair against damage. The nourishing properties reverse the hair damage and make the hair appear more lustrous and healthy.

6. Black seeds restrict hair fall

One of the largest benefits is that it helps restrict hair fall and makes your hair grow long and robust. this is often because kalonji oil is chock-full of various kinds of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, all of which work sort of a dream to nourish and strengthen your hair, and successively, reduce hair fall. after you massage your scalp with this oil, it helps stimulate dormant hair follicles, fortifies them and curbs excess hair fall.


How To Make Kalonji Seeds Oil or Nigella Seed Oil at Home?

Kalonji Seeds

The Ingredients you need:

  • 1 tablespoon black seeds
  • 1 tablespoon fenugreek seeds
  • 200 ml of coconut oil
  • 50 ml of castor oil
  • Glass container

Grind fenugreek seeds and kalonji seeds into a fine powder. Now put this powder within the glass container.

Blend it all uniformly. Now close the container and place it within the sunlight. Keep it for two to three weeks. For long-lasting storage, stir the oil every two days after 2-3 weeks of straining it.

Apply this oil once or twice per week for best results.


How Can You Use Kalonji Seeds Oil For Hair Growth?

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Here are different ways of using Kalonji seed oil for hair growth:

  • Use Kalonji seed oil directly on your hair. Take some black Kalonji seed oil and massage it on your scalp. Keep for half an hour and so wash. If you massage your hair with oil, it will help in fast hair growth.
  • You can use kalonji oil with juice too. Vitamin C in lemon helps to increase the collagen level on the scalp. First use juice on your hair, keep it on for a quarter-hour, and so rinse. Now, take the seed oil and give a deep massage to your hair. Keep it overnight for better results.
  • You may use kalonji oil together with other hair oils like coconut oil or castor oil. Take equal quantities of black seed oil and therefore the other hairdressing oils, mix and apply on your hair. Massage well and so leave for half-hour and so shampoo.
  • Take some fenugreek seeds and blend them with black seed oil and copra oil. ensure you grind fenugreek seeds. Now apply this mix on your hair, keep for half-hour and so wash with a light shampoo. Both vegetable oil and fenugreek seeds are great for your hair. They keep problems like hair fall and hair thinning treed. When you use black seed oil with other oils, it can get really difficult to get rid of it from your hair. Use a decent shampoo to form your hair oil-free.


Bottom Line

Ask any woman what’s the amount one hair issue she faces, and hair fall are going to be the foremost common answer. And to remedy this problem, we try almost anything that we will get our hands-on. From anti-hair fall shampoos, hair masks to supplements, there’s no stone we are willing to go away unturned. It is an important solution in numerous hair-related problems as it not only controls hair fall but also helps in regrowth.


Commonly asked questions about kalonji oil for hair

Does black seed oil increase hair growth?

Yes, it does. Many research has shown proof that using Kalonji seed oil will help you in lessening hair loss and makes space for new hair. This is often thanks to the presence of hair-loving nutrients that employment wonders to deliver long, strong and healthy hair.

Are you able to leave kalonji oil in your hair overnight?

Yes, there’s no problem with leaving kalonji oil in your hair overnight. It’s stuffed with plenty of hair-loving nutrients that help to stimulate hair follicles, nourish your scalp and increase hair growth.

How long does it view as black seed oil to indicate results?

If you massage your scalp with black seed oil two to a few times every week, you may notice visible changes in your hair after about eight to 12 weeks. The condition with using natural remedies is that you simply have to be consistent to induce the results you desire.