Our Story

It is a blog site for Medicinal benefits of plants with the motive to spread the knowledge of “Herbology (The study of Medicinal Plants)” to cure a disease using Herbs and plants, which are naturally available Medicines around us and most of them are easily accessible in everyone’s kitchen. 

Here the blogs are written by professionals after doing a thorough research and gathering information and statistics, these blogs are meant for informational and to help people on curing common infections, light fever and common cold using plant’s fruit, flower, leaf, steam, roots. 


We connection with Herbalists from all over the world contributing us with their knowledge on Miraculous benefits of plants from different parts of world capable of curing Health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma….etc 

We also blog on Home remedies to help people with making their brown personal care products for Hair growth, skin care…etc for all natural resources available in every kitchen, instead of spending huge amounts of money on chemically infused products for a temporary beauty and personal care solution. 

Sooner we will be giving option to the user to submit their knowledge on plants and its health benefits to be shared by our user and get benefited.

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