Proven Benefits of Honey Lemon Warm Water drink

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1.How Honey, Lemon and warm water drink help in fighting weight loss?

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Honey and Lemon both have tendency to act on our body at an accelerated rate due to presence of warm water and reduce any accumulation of harmful toxins. These harmful toxins are the reasons to make us fat or overweight. 

Combination of honey and lemon in warm water, taken every day, helps in in improving metabolism and regularizing the bowel movement. Drinking this concoction (mixture) on an empty stomach daily in morning helps our body to burns fats. 

It was also observed that those who take this concoction on every day, felt fit, healthy and light throughout the day.

How long it takes to see results in losing weight if we drink honey, lemon, and warm water daily? 

          You may start to see change in your body in 15 days after your start drinking honey, lemon with warm water. 

There were many surveys or studies which have proven that not only belly fat, but also fat in other parts of the body disappeared with regular intake of this concoction. However, we need to be mindful to eat smart, does not mean we eat unhealthy just because we are taking this concoction helped those who were committed to get results. 

Drinking every day 2-3 lemons with honey in warm water on an empty stomach, can result in losing around 5-6 kgs in 8-weeks and around 30 – 40 kgs in 8-10 months. 

        Suggestions on how to intake honey, lemon, and warm water drink? 

                                                      You can drink directly from the glass like a normal water drink. 

However, there were some suggestions given, due to high concentration of lemon which could harm your teeth, it is advised to drink through a straw. 

2.Helps in Digestion

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Lemons have many medicinal values in them, and when combined with honey in warm water, it is like an excellent health tonic. It is proven that regular consumption of Honey lemon water will help in keeping your digestive system healthy. Drinking lemon water with honey increases stomach acid secretion production and bile secretion.  

This juice help in digestion by breaking down of food materials which helps in easy digestion and also believed this juice helps in absorption of nutrients.  

One more proven fact about drinking Honey, Lemon and Warm Water is that it helps in improved bowel movement. 

Honey is a simple carb, and it helps in digestion, by absorption of nutrients and conversion of sugar into energy where by no or less stored fats. 

Honey begins as nectar, a sugary liquid released by flowers to entice bees and other insects into helping them pollinate. Bees use an enzyme to change nectar’s complex sugars into simple ones.  

Honey is made up of fructose, glucose, water, pollen, magnesium, and potassium. Its proportion of 40 percent fructose to 30 percent glucose means that it’s metabolized more slowly than refined sugar.  

This helps avoid the blood sugar spike and insulin response that refined sugar provokes. The slower rate at which honey is digested, in addition to the small amounts of magnesium and potassium it contains, makes it a slightly healthier choice than refined sugar. 

3.Detoxifies Body

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Honey Lemon Water drink for Detox 

Benefits of Honey and lemon also include keeping your body free of toxic and harmful free radicals that lead to constipation, acne / pimple or many other problems.  

Our lives have changed drastically due to too many industries that we are always surrounded by chemicals and harmful pollutants. 

Therefore, drinking lemon & Honey with warm water helps in detoxification of the body. It acts like an effective liver tonic that helps in functioning well by neutralising the harmful free radicals in the body.  

Drinking honey, lemon, with warm water, helps our body to detox and throw away all the toxins in our system. 

4.Honey and Lemon for Better Skin !!

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Drinking warm water with honey and lemon helps skin as well, as this drink detoxes and removes toxins from our body, it helps our skin nurture and nourish well to be healthy. There are proven facts on benefits of drinking this concoction for skin benefits. 

Lemon also has oil controlling qualities, it removes excess oil and keeps the skin surface moderately hydrated with controlled oil content on the surface 

The citric acid present in lemon helps flush out free radicals and other toxic chemicals from the digestive system. 

It was observed that, many apply lemon directly on the face it does help to some extent to nourish your skin externally. However, when drink it in the form of concoction it helps better and gives you long lasting results.  

5.Helps in Immunity

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Honey lemon drink is also excellent for increasing immunity. It helps you stay protected from common infections and diseases the season change causes.  

Vitamin C is known to help in iron absorption and helps in improving immune system. 

Drinking this mix on a regular basis will bring down in you the instances of cold and flu and other allergies. Honey has therapeutic qualities and being rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; it helps in keeping infections at bay and also helpful in recovery from illness. 

6.Helps to relieve Throat Infection

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Lemons are great for sore throats because they can help break up mucus and provide pain relief.  

Presence of Vitamin C in Lemons help to boost the immune system and it can fight infection more easily. You can take one teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass of warm water and drink for quick relief. 

Lemon helps in thinning of the mucus and so makes it easier to throw it up. Honey, on the other hand, has peroxides that act as disinfectant on the virus causing bacteria.  

Lemon and honey with the help of warm water reduce excessive formation of phlegm and mucus. 

7.Boosts Your Energy

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Glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost. 

The boost of energy that honey can offer is yet another great health benefit of using honey. 

When you add honey to your diet, it can give you a nice energy boost and is much healthier than sugar or sugar substitutes that are available today. 

 Honey, Lemon, and Warm Water drink could keep you away from kidney stones. 

8.Prevents Kidney Stones !!

Lemon in combination with Honey and Warm water acts as an excellent option to detox our body, by this antimicrobial effect of honey and diuretic effect of lemon work together to flush out bacteria and unwanted substances from your system that cause stones.  

Concentrated and acidic urine cause a burning sensation while urinating and may also cause stones. Lemon-honey water is alkaline and can help in preventing this to a great extent. 

How to prepare the Honey, Lemon, Warm Water Drink?


  • Cup of fresh water 
  • 1 fresh lemon (use 2 if small lemons) 
  • teaspoon of honey 


  • Boil a cup of water  
  • Add lemon juice and Honey to it & stir well 


There are many reasons and benefits to start your day with a freshly prepared warm water drink with honey and lemon. Some of the benefits we have covered on top, there are many more such benefits of honey and lemon. Best results are always said when taken early in morning in empty stomach and with warm water. Hope you find this interesting and do comment, if you like any specific article or more details on this topic.