Ayurveda Skin Care- Short Guide

 A Short Guide to Ayurveda Skin Care


Ayurveda is one of the oldest analysis of medicinal sciences, dating back to more than 3000 years ago. Ayurveda is a natural method of healing and curing diseases. One can attain good skin without any cosmetics by just following Ayurveda skin care routines. The main motto behind Ayurveda is “Prevention is better than cure.” Ayurveda has its own wisdom of healing, both physically, spiritually, and mentally based on age and personalized basis.


Ayurveda is a traditional art of science that originated in India. It is ‘SCIENCE OF LIFE,’ where ‘Ayur‘ means life and ‘Veda‘ means science or knowledge. The Ayurveda is also practiced in other parts of the world with great enthusiasm. During the Vedic period in India, the Sushruta Samhita and the Charkar Samhita texts the earliest literature of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda believes that the human body and the universe are made of the core five elements. The main metaphysics elements are Earth (Prithvi)Space (Akash)Water (Jal)Air (Vayu)Fire (Agni). Ayurveda also says that our body represents three divine/life forces or ‘Doshas.’ The three Doshas are Vata(air), Pitta(bile), and Kapha(phlegm). These three forces represent the physical character and personal attributes of an individual. Pitta Dosha controls hormone secretion and the digestive system. Vata Dosha rules the heart and breathing functionality. Kapha dosha takes charge of the immune system and body strength.


Importance of the Ayurveda Skin Care in Life


No doubt Ayurveda is the oldest, but it’s the strongest and the purest. It has much beneficial importance that even today’s medicinal science can’t provide. Ayurveda heals not only your affected body part but also your mind and spirit. It naturally purifies your body by removing all the toxic elements while restoring the body’s natural resistance and rejuvenating good health.


As the Ayurveda speaks, a healthy diet, good digestion, strong metabolic system, proper excretion, and regular exercise and yoga shapes your body towards a healthy way. It has a Panchakarma concept that helps remove all the toxins from the body and helps your skin glow naturally. Proper sleep and food intake contribute to vitality. Ayurveda helps to strengthen your personality. This the key point of having good skin.


Ayurveda Skin Care


Speaking about the next importance of Ayurveda is that there are no harmful chemical components in it. It uses the natural and non-invasive components in medicine for different treatments. No doubt the chemical method of treatment cures the disease speedily, but it induces harmful toxins into your body. At the same time, Ayurveda injects nature into you, which is chemical-free. Another reason for using Ayurvedic Skin Care.


You can avoid any surgery if you work on your chronic ailments with the three Doshas’ help. Herbal remedies are in use for healing harmful diseases. Ayurveda isn’t just about medicines and diseases; rather than it focuses on your lifestyle. The change in diet patterns, regular yogic exercises, meditation, and sleep cycle also goes in the Ayurvedic treatment. By following it regularly, it stabilizes the increased Doshas in human bodies.


Ayurveda aligns your body, mind, and spirit to achieve sound health. Ayurveda as Science includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic systems, and treatment methods. In short, Ayurveda is a rational system of medicines and mother nature.


Chemical Based Skincare Products are Boon for the Skin or Curse?


Cosmetics aren’t something new, in fact, and they are the oldest invention. If we see the history, there are proof of uses of chemical-based skin care products. The cosmetic has always been a part of our life, used to alter the appearance or highlight the attires.


Let’s go to Ancient Egypt, where women used kohl (lead sulfide or Pbs) for darkening eyelids. Greek women used poisonous lead carbonate to give a pale complexion to their bodies. Simultaneously, the Chinese people in 3000 B.C used to stain their fingernails based on their social classes. On the other hand, Australians and Africans used the crushed mineral rock to create body paint. This practice is still in use to date.


Nowadays, chemical skincare products are big business. Earlier cosmetic products and advertisements focused mostly upon women, but now they’re targeting a wide audience range.


What are Chemical Based Skincare Products?


To frame in a definition, skincare products are those substances intended to place in contact with the external body. If the skincare has a chemical composition in it, then the damage will be hazardous. Cosmetics are the products used to cleanse, protect, and change our bodies’ external parts’ appearance.


Ingredients of the product can be natural or artificial, but each made of the chemical compound is where the table turns. The composition, which you might consider too small, poses high risks to your health.


What are Chemical Based Skincare Products made of?


There are thousands of different cosmetic products with various combinations of ingredients. But the key ingredient of any chemical-based skincare products is water, emulsifier, preservatives, thickeners, emollients, coloring agent, pH stabilizers, and fragrances. There are over 10,000 chemicals used in skincare products nowadays.


Chemical Based Skincare Products: BOON or BANE? 



This a topic of controversy! Many would say it’s great for its availability and reasonable price. On the other hand, some consider it bane, seeing its chemical composition and toxic elements. I personally think chemical-based skincare products are a curse. They seem very nice and attractive, but the truth is something else, something dangerous. It’s like the “All the sparkling glitters aren’t pure gold” thing. The chemical, cosmetic products look safe to use, but it is a slow process of killing yourself. You need to have the complete knowledge to understand the chemical ingredients’ composition before applying them to your precious skin. These harmful chemicals are one of the main reasons behind skin diseases.


One of the key chemicals used in cosmetics is paraben. The studies say that Paraben replicates Oestrogen, which enhances tumor growth. Many other chemicals are used for skincare products, such as Aluminium, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, and many more. No doubt, to some extent, this chemical would prove a boon, but in the longer uses, it’s a BANE!


Is it Possible to get natural good skin with Ayurveda Skin Care Ingredients?


Ayurveda Skin Care

The world’s oldest surviving natural medicine system, Ayurveda, offers an easy guideline to see whether a beauty product is safe: If you can’t put it in your mouth and eat it, then you can’t apply it to your skin.

Skin is not just a layer covering your body. It is the largest organ and one of the most sensitive ones in the whole body. In fact, so sensitive that after we put products on our skin, they’re absorbed by the pores and travel into the bloodstream. Proof of this is seen in one of the most recent drug delivery methods, the skin patch. Transdermal delivery is that the reason it’s important to use only all-natural products that are freed from synthetic ingredients,”

If you apply skin products with lots of preservatives, additives, and other chemicals, you are ruing your own skin with your own hand. These chemical products introduce toxic substances into your blood through your skin, which then aggravate your body system, liver, pitta dosha, and, most importantly, your body skin.

To acquire further proof of the skin’s sensitivity, consider that every square measure of skin contains 1,300 nerve endings. Your skin is an extension of your systema nervosum (or nervous system) that directly influence your emotions and thoughts. This explains why we get skin problems like rashes, hives, and eczema, as these skin-related issues are common during the time of emotionally disturbed. So, having a peaceful and happy mind is the key ingredient to healthy and glowing skin.

It is highly recommended that the subsequent Ayurvedic beauty enhancers be available right in your food market.

Let’s check it out.


5 DIY Natural Ayurveda Skin Care Ingredients to undertake for Healthy Skin


Stated, healthy living makes for healthy skin. Beauty problems like acne, dark circles under the eyes, and puffiness may reflect internal imbalances. The important beauty regimen includes eating fresh foods, drinking many pure glasses of water, sleep from 10 pm to 11 pm every night, get up with the rising with the sun, and performing abhyanga—a daily oil self-massage that’s said to reinforce skin tone, balance the systema nervosum, and boost immunity. Try vegetable oil if your constitution is dominant by Vata or Kapha; coconut or sweet almond oil if pitta predominates. In winter, abhyanga is very important for moisturizing the skin and for warming the body. In summer, Kapha types can skip abhyanga.

Here is the list of the best natural Ayurveda skin care ingredients to get glowing skin.


    1. Turmeric

Ayurveda Skin Care

This bitter, yellow astringent spice has natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties that make it effective against dark marks and blemishes.


How to Use: Mix a half teaspoon with one ounce of cream, apply to the skin with a facial sponge, and launder. Refrigerate any leftovers.


   2. Lemon and Honey water

Ayurveda Skin Care

To help your body get rid of body ama (toxins and impurities) by drinking a cup of warm water with honey and juice very first thing in the morning. This healthy drink helps to reduce blemishes and acne from the ama and pitta. As Ayurveda says, cellulite deposits come from a build-up of ama and Kapha, which causes many skin problems. To assist eliminate ama, you’ll also drink this cleansing beverage within the mid-afternoon and sip plain quandary throughout the day.


How to Use: Drink a glass of warm honey and lemon water early in the morning on an empty stomach.


   3. Sea Salt and vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is an essential natural ingredient for locking moisture and bringing an instant glow to your face. At the same time, sea salts are a good exfoliating agent.


How to Use: Mix into a paste for an exquisite weekly exfoliating scrub. Add some drops of volatile oil for scent if you wish.


    4. Ginger Tea

Ayurveda Skin Care

This pacifies Kapha and aids digestion. As we all know, the goodness of ginger and the positive effects it has on our skin. Good digestion means having good skin. Ginger even helps to fight off the viruses and keeps the body free of illness.


How to Use: Sip small amounts between meals.


    5. Fennel Seeds

Ayurveda Skin Care

Chewing fennel seeds after eating boosts the digestion process. That’s is why you’ll find them at almost Indian households and restaurants. Ayurvedic theory suggests that good digestion is important for clear skin.


How to Use: Chew a pinch of it after having your meal.


Bottom Line


Many scientific experiments consider these chemicals safe to use. But it varies from person to person. As a consumer, I always buy skincare products from a reputable brand with complete knowledge of the ingredients. Anything can be good if we use it correctly and limitedly. A person who adopts the importance of Ayurveda in his life gets a deeper meaning of our existence and moves a step closer to the dharma. Ayurvedic way of living strengthens your immune system. Ayurveda opens a gateway called the ‘art of living happily and naturally.’